- Learn faster with a native professinal teacher through Internet.
- Begin to speak simple Chinese Mandarin after a couple of days.
- Start to write your own blog in Chinese after a few weeks.
- Enable yourself to have conversation with native Chinese people in months.
- Enough to travel, live or work in China after a few months of Mandarin practicing.
- Prepare for an upcoming HSK exam.
- Learn something interesting about Chinese culture and history?
- All of the above mentioned are possible. You just need to get started now!


 √ 快速有效,生动有趣,经验丰富,专业指导。

     Learn fast, effective, easy and fun; Experience a well-trained professional teaching.

 √ 听、读、说、写全方面,双语教学,针对弱点,全面提高。

     Bilingual teaching focused on listening, reading, speaking and writing. Aiming at the learning

     weakness and improve them comprehensively.

 √ 灵活安排时间,根据学生的需要制定教学计划和内容。

     Tailored lessons for individual students with the flexibility of learning contents and schedules.

 √ 系统学习由汉语专撰写的优秀教材

   Step-by-step study based on excellent textbooks edited by Mandarin experts.

 √ 创造良好环境,应用智能软件,提升您的学习兴趣和动力。

    Create a good environment for studying by applying intellectual software that enhances the

    enjoyment and motivation of learning.


★ Course 1:Beginner 入门课程。课时:48 小时,针对:零基础、入门水平,目标:达到初级水平

>>This course is for Zero-foundation learners or Beginners. It takes 48 hours to reach Elemtary level

Course 2:Elementary 初级课程。课时:48 小时,针对:初级水平,目标:进入中级水平

>>This course is for Elemtary learners. It takes 48 hours to reach Intermediate level

Course 3: Intermediate 中级课程。课时:48 小时,针对:中级水平,目标:达到中上水平

>>This course is for Intermediate learners. It takes 48 hours to reach Upper Intermediate level 

Course 4:Advanced 高级课程。课时:48 小时,针对:中上级水平,目标:进入高级水平
>>This course is for Upper Intermediate learners. It takes 48 hours to reach Advanced level

Tailored  Lessons:个性化课程。定制培训内容、课时、目标。

The tailored lessons of your choice:  contents, hours, goals. It is for any individual or company.